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Safety Information

Your safety and enjoyment is our top priority. Please familiarise yourself with the following important safety information

  1. We recommend you keep your head above the water at all times.

  2. We have four outside pools of varying temperatures between 30-40 degrees, with the hottest pool located directly below the terraces. If you have high blood pressure or a medical condition affected by heat, we STRONGLY recommend you do not use this pool. If you are using this pool, keep well hydrated and take care not to overheat.

  3. If you are bathing for long periods of time, keep hydrated or step out of the pool to cool down. Plastic water bottles are permitted (please remove your own rubbish when leaving). GLASS containers are NOT permitted in the pool or at the pool area.

  4. When entering and exiting the pools, please use the railings to assist you and to avoid slips. The nature and colour of our mineral water conceals the steps and bottom of the pool in some places.

  5. On wet or frosty days, use extreme caution walking over all surfaces as they may be slippery underfoot. We recommend NOT wearing jandals or thongs to or around the pools on wet or frosty days. We do recommend wearing walking shoes to the pool.

  6. In the event of a thunder and lightening storm, we urge you leave the water immediately and take shelter until it has subsided. If you choose to leave a full or partial refund will be made.

  7. The security of your own property in the changing room or at the pool area is your responsibility. Keys for the lockers are available for $10.00 each, with a $5.00 refund.

  8. Children under 14 years are strictly not permitted in the changing rooms, in the pool or at the pool area. If your children are remaining on site, they may wait in the picnic area (located near the café and reception) and must be SUPERVISED BY AN ADULT AT ALL TIMES.

  9. Entry to the pools does not include entry the Terraces Walkway.

  10. STRICTLY OUT OF BOUNDS areas due to SCALDING HOT WATER, include the terraces and stream.


• NO consuming FOOD or ALCOHOL


• NO USE of cosmetic products, facial masks, soaps or shampoos in the pools

• NO jumping or diving off bridges or rocks

• NO climbing on or over rocks or gardens



• The use of DRONES are not permitted on our property

• Dogs are not permitted on our property

• The pools are to be VACATED 15 minutes before closing



The pools and pool area are for QUIET REST AND RELAXATION. Please respect each others time and space while enjoying this environment. The following breaches of conduct will result in you being asked to leave immediately:

• Disorderly and inappropriate behaviour

• The use of loud, foul & offensive language

• Destruction to our property

• Jumping off bridges and rocks

• Consuming FOOD & ALCOHOL



We will not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage to you or your personal property, caused as a result of your disregard and breach of our policies and procedures. We appreciate any reports of breaches which can be made to a staff member.


Thank You for your co-operation.

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