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Our Pools

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The regions only geothermal and silica bathing experience

At Wairakei Terraces, our pools draw their healing properties from silica terraces and geothermal water flow from 1.5 kilometres underground delivering an unbeatable combination of geothermal and mineral water.

Immerse yourself in the mineral rich, hot thermal pools, at the bottom of silica terraces and instantly feel the silky smoothness on your skin and the warmth across your body.

Let the days worries drift away and be replaced with the luxurious embrace of natural heat.


All our pools are adults only

The full Wairakei experience is one of calm and tranquility. Where the sounds of native birdsong are in harmony with cascading and flowing water, a gushing geyser and billowing steam.

Achieving as tranquil an experience as we can means all our pools are adults only.

Proof of age may be required if staff believe a person to be under the age of 14.

To avoid disappointment, we advise you to bring ‘proof of age’ (passport, birth certificate, student ID).


Four pools. Four different temperatures

What is warm to one person may be hot or cold to another. Which is why our four pools are each heated to varying degrees of comfort.

We want you to have the most immersive experience you can and temperature variations are a natural part of that. Four pools with four different temperatures encourage you to enjoy, then move and explore.

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What's in the water

Silica: Research has revealed that collagen can reverse the ageing process; the body needs silica to make collagen. Silica strengthens bones, boosts the immune system; promotes healthy nerves, mucous membranes, hair, nails & is used in treating acne and migraines.

Sodium: equivalent levels equal to the salinity in sea water. Salt soaks have been known to relieve symptoms of arthritis.

Potassium: normalizes heart rhythms; assists in reducing high blood pressure; eliminates body toxins; promotes healthy skin.

Magnesium: maintains normal heart rhythms; converts blood sugars to energy; maintains muscle tissue and hormone levels.


Arsenic: new studies report benefits for plasma and tissue growth.

Lithium: produces positive effects in mental balance and gastrointestinal conditions.


Manganese: helps nourish nerves and the brain; a catalyst in the breakdown of fats and cholesterol.


Sulfate: rids the body of toxins; promotes health of bones, hair, nails, fluids in joints and vertebral discs; sulfur is an anti-inflammatory.


Calcium: helps muscle contraction and expansion, the secretion of hormones and enzymes, and sending messages through the nervous system.


Chloride: musculoskeletal benefits.


Fluoride: calcium fluoride is a constituent of the elastic fibres of the skin, the surface of bones and teeth; promotes hardness and stability.

Boron: boosts brain activity; builds muscle mass; strengthens bones.

Iron: builds up the quality of blood; increases resistance to stress and disease; prevents fatigue; promotes good skin tone.

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