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Our Story

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A long history of healing

Significant natural thermal springs, mud and silica waters found in geothermal areas, have long been used by Māori for bathing, healing and wellness.

Specific sites were often located in beautiful landscapes, at the junction of rivers and streams, on the shores of pristine lakes or below magnificent silica terraces.

At Wairakei Terraces we carry-on this tradition, embracing the natural environment and harnessing the geothermal abundance of our rohe (region).


At the turn of the 19th century, visitors worldwide travelled to Wairakei to “take the waters”, testifying to their “curative properties particularly for skin ailments” and the “therapeutic effects” on the body.


Visitors today continue this tradition, taking-in the striking blue and silky 'to the touch' waters.


At Wairakei Terraces, it's important to us to offer a holistic mind, body and soul experience. This links us back in time to the long history of healing found here in Wairakei.


Today our thermal waters warm your body to the core while nourishing and moisturising your skin, like they did hundreds of years ago.


Our combination of relaxing baths, massage and beauty treatments have been chosen as a path to unlocking, revitalising and energising your mind, body and soul.

We hope you feel the warmth and the aroha (love) that lives in this very special part of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Raewyn and Rayman

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